DSC_0664Over the course of the weekend, Capital City successfully captured the 2013 Pankosmos Summer Tournament Cup title, after a long and exciting match. The team arrived on sight with the expectations of an easy hand-over; the antithesis is what they actually met. City started the match with a solid 11 on the pitch; a pitch that was rather tarnished by a mix of the rain and previous matches, leaving it in a less than perfect condition.

It wasn’t long before the first goal arrived, 15 minutes into the match, midfielder Nathan Young received an accurate ball on the wing, followed by an exceptional touch-turned volley from 35 yards out on the flank. The Maryland Kickers’ goaltender, was useless as he attempted to reach a ball that couldn’t have been more perfectly placed. The ball made contact with the bottom far post after a long journey; traveling in the air like a plane and making a crash-landing, stopped only by a beautifully stitched net. One goal was on their score card now, but the drive to find another didn’t stop. Five minutes after the icebreaker, forward Bebe, elaborately showed the Kickers that his feet are too quick to follow, and thus making a penetrating pass to his accompanying striker, Abdullah, who made the strike look oh-so-simple. The first 45 ended with City in the lead by 2.

Expecting, what looked like a beaten down Kickers side to cave in and hand over the win, City were surprised at the on-going pressure and forth-going drive that the MD Kickers returned and persisted with. At the 60th minute mark, the kickers greatly capitalized on a defensive mistake that resulted in shot that seemed like a rocket finding the furthest corner of the goal. Keeper Jeremy Cooper hadn’t the slightest chance of pulling his normal miracle with a close-range shot as such.

The momentum, somewhat shifted to favor the Kickers, they ran a series of attacks for the next twenty minutes. A compact City side; however denied them every goal-scoring opportunity that they created, leaving them hopeless, and only worthy of second place. The match ended at 2-1, and City lifted a well deserved Cup in celebration, after 90 minutes of battle. That wrapped up the weekend. The Kamikaze  Crew match was rescheduled to Saturday the 9th at St. Johns College HS; 11AM, where you can catch the squad in action again.

Cap City Report