In their fourth week of WPL action, Capital City FC faced the Aegean Hawks, a match that is always anticipated. The Hawks boast an impressive record, with several WPL Cup wins and U.S amateur titles. A most notable moment when these two teams faced off in a tightly contested match for the title in 2015, City claimed victory. This past meetup seemed like a sure win for City that at the very last moment turned into disaster. It started with an irregular lineup but one orchestrated to give City a good foot forward despite the missing starters. James Kpainay started as lone striker and differentiator, he secured two goals for City.

In the first 20 minutes City pressed the Hawks as if they were overdue on their mortgage. This led to a string of combinations, fanciful footwork from Pierre Corneil, a rebound and subsequent side volley from Kpainay, who hit the ball so hard it somewhat deflated. (1-0) It wouldn’t be long however before the Hawks answered with their own less glamours goal after a City defender carelessly gifted the striker in the 18-yard box with a carefully weighted pass. (1-1)

The Hawks again received a gift in the second half when when their striker pulled a classic withdrawal from an in-the-box tackle, leading to a very questionable penalty. (1-2)

The action continued when Kpainay leveled the match again with a breakaway, he finessed the ball around the charging keeper and into the near post. (2-2)

Before the dust settled, another defensive error put the Hawks ahead once again (2-3) but this time it would be Mika that equalizes the match from a free kick-turned Rumble in the Bronx, as the ball finally left the mess, Mika returned it to its proper place, the net. (3-3)

Mere minutes remained when City left a man unmarked on a Hawks counter attack from the right flank. The unmarked attacker placed the ball beyond keeper Brian Greuter’s reach and the match finished 3-4.

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