Unable to secure a playoff spot in the Fall of 2016, City revamped the team with lethal newcomers Elvis Amoh and Pierre Corneil, in hopes of capturing another Helge Boes Cup (won in 2015). The season started with a dreadful loss to Dulles Sportsplex Aegean HawksFC (2-0). This set in motion a downward spiral, City wouldn’t find success for the next two weeks, drawing with Washington Elite FC (1-1), and losing to an unimpressive Fado Irish Pub (5-3). With Goal Keeper Jeremy Cooper no longer with the club, it has been a battle to secure a permanent keeper, and City has paid dearly for it losing 8 points in the first 3 matches.

You can say that the season hasn’t been great

Football isn’t a game of luck, but strategy and discipline. You can say that the season hasn’t been great, but on April 30th, the tide seemed to favor City’s strategy and discipline. Eager for a win, City snatched the W from an ever-struggling Kamikaze Crew (3-2), that truly had no chance, competing with such insouciance; how they managed to get two goals is a story in itself. City went on to belittle World Bank on May 7th (3-1) in a match analogous to David and Goliath, except this time Goliath won. On May 14th City drew ICC in what could be hailed the match of the season with few resources available to them. City will face enemy number one (ASA Reds) on May 21st, now the question is, is it a comeback?

Catch the team at Witter Field (Alexandria) at 8PM on May 21st.

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