mssa.logocap city logoAn intense weekend it was for Capital City, first facing the Wobblers, who are currently the table captains in the APSL(Arlington Premier Soccer League), sitting comfortably atop without a defeat on their record in four straight games; well until they met Capital City that is. As if that wasn’t enough to handle for the weekend, City had to go from that to playing the Legendary Screaming Eagles, in the U.S Amateur Cup (Stewart Cup: Maryland) only 24 hours later. Needless to say it was a productive weekend for City.

Saturday’s match versus the Wobblers proved to be as challenging as City had anticipated, but the squad showed up ready to take the current first-place-holders down. Although it wasn’t easy, the likes of super-star striker “Bebe” aka CR7 , Josie George, and Elliot Rasmusen has a lot to say about the final score four nil, in favor of city. The match began a bit chaotic, as many players lacked a proper warm-up, so mobility was hard to ignite. A quick goal from Wobblers due to a lack of urgency in the box called quits on goal-keeper Jeremy Cooper’s hopes of a clean-sheet, when the ball ricochet off a City player only to cause damage to the team. A great wakeup call indeed, the momentum quickly swung into City’s favor when striker Josie struck the ball at the top of the eighteen, with a force so great, that it left the keeper standing in an awkward position, wondering where the ball went. The match remained at a draw only momentarily until Striker Bebe, single-handedly massacred the defensive line, as the entire City team watch the keeper hopelessly attempt to stretch for a ball that was out of his league. The story doesn’t end there, now in full swing, and only two men to help in keeping legs fresh, city concluded with two more goals before calling it a day, another one from Bebe, and Elliot Rasumen sealed the deal with a beautiful volley that ripped the net, and needed clarification from the assistant referee before it became official. City successfully gave the Wobblers their first loss of the season.

On a different note, 24 hours after the league match, City traveled to Blandair Park, Columbia Maryland, to face 2013 finalist Screaming Eagles in a first round Amateur Cup match. The Eagles unfortunately showed up with an 8-men-squad, which proved unable to match an 11-men City squad. Nevertheless, the Eagles came prepared to fight for the opportunity to move ahead, they were first able to surprise City when striker Jonathan Orlando, using his quick ability and speed, ousted two City players and clinically put the ball past Cooper. Reluctant to allow the 8-men-squad make a fool out of them, City quickly assembled attack after attack in response to the early threat from the Eagles. Enable to quite get a result in the first half, City was able to regroup, and find their luck in the second half when striker Craig Taswell flicked a perfectly place ball that came from midfielder James Hall Kpainay, over the keeper and into the side netting. A beautiful start to the take-over, shortly after that magnificent play, goal-keeper Jeremy Cooper had to save the day and keep City in the game with a spectacular Penalty kick save that truly gave the rest of the squad a reason to fight beyond the pains and aches of the previous game and give all they had left.
City then pushed all of its midfield up to posses the ball on the Eagles’ half. This push allowed City to raise the bar from their mediocre first half performance. Now shot after shot placed the Eagles under immense pressure and gave way for midfielder Ernesto Raffo, to take claim of the second goal that was a demoralizing factor for the Eagles. Winger Daniel Barros then concluded the game with a superb left footed shot to the top of the goal, and that alone rendered the game, a match fulfilled.

City is back in action this Saturday, January 25, at Long Bridge Park against MSA International 9:45AM.

City will be back in Cup action in the Quarter Finals on February 2nd at Blandair Park versus the Baltimore Kickers Bayern at 1:00PM

As always, thank you for your support

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