Cap City FC had gotten accustomed to having goal-keeper Jeremy Cooper in the net, ever since his debut at the club in 2013 at the age of 19, then the youngest on the squad. It became very easy to feel secure with Cooper in the net once he settled in. With awesome strength, a tight grip and a thunderous voice, Cooper managed his defense very effectively. In 2015, he helped to claim its first WPL (Washington Premier League) title, conceding the least amount of goals in three consecutive seasons.


Fall 2015 WPL Helge Boes Cup Champions

Cooper was especially talented at making strikers panic in the final third. He is quick to get off his line to meet the ball; the smarter strikers knew better than to pursue the same ball when Cooper had his eye set on it. Occasionally when there is collateral damage, he would get up without a scratch.

Playing several matches in a week became the norm for Cooper, once local teams discovered his talent in the net, he was being poached from every angle. It didn’t take long before his absence from the club was noticed. Despite a respectable mid-table placement in 2016, without it’s #1, City conceded more goals than they were accustomed to.

Although bittersweet, Cooper spent most of the 2016 campaign playing with a club on the west coast. But his most recent move in 2017 landed him across the Atlantic in Spain at Club U.P Plasencia. With great hopes for the young footballer’s future, his club wishes him success and we look forward to sharing more about his progress at Plasencia.


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