It was an ideal night for football, and Capital City showed up in numbers to face the defending champs Fado Irish Pub Conquistadors. Returning to the scene was Benjamin Denhez, who suffered an injury against this exact team two seasons prior. Also coming back anew was Evan Chaté, kendall Herring and Jake Elsey. Fado is managed by the league chairman Ramon Madan, this factor always makes teams question the potential for bias when they face Fado. Unfortunately, Cap City could not use Madan as an excuse tonight as they missed opportunity after opportunity.

City defender’s vowed to make it the last of the match

First Half
Ten minutes into the match, the starting eleven witnessed first-hand what City Manager Michael Bayard forewarned. A foul committed just outside the eighteen left goal-keeper Alan Petermann unable to defend a well placed free-kick that kissed the post and found a home in the opposite side of the net. Astonished by yet another fantastic display by Fados’ “David”, City defender’s vowed to make it the last of the match.

Cap City Striker - Bash Bangura

Cap City Striker – Bash Bangura

The Cap City answer arrived when Elvis Amoh single-handedly wiggled his way through a plethora of Fado players to bury the ball to the furthest upper-ninety one could place a ball.

Resilient as they are, Fado once again came back to frustrate Cap City with another set-piece. This time, a corner kick to the back post. Comfortable on the post, a Fado midfielder came crashing in as if City owed him dinner.

Second Half
Raising the bar wasn’t easy but it was sparked by striker Bash Bangura, who after receiving a ball from attacking midfielder Elvis Amoh, showed the crowd what it means to dance with the ball. He finished eloquently to get City back to level playing.

The score now 2-2, City felt confident that they would walk away with three point. They shifted gears to pressure a tiring Fado, who at this point benched their star “David” (due to injury). Without their sole playmaker in the mix, City kept possession comfortably. With 10 minutes left in the match, midfielder Elvis Hedji finds fellow holding-mid Nick Page, who effectively draws a penalty that was converted by Evan Chaté in the bottom right corner to take City ahead 3-2.

But like all great tales, the story was far from over. In the dying minutes, an elated Cap City had no clue what was coming. Fado did what they do best and kept their eyes on the prize. The counter-attack on the kickoff was so quick that City strikers were not yet finished with their celebration. The match ended 3-3 and city could only wonder how they missed so many opportunities to seal the deal.

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– Cap City Report