The W’s have been hard to come by for this team that is in a transitional period and still struggling to field the right combination of young talent with the wise veterans. With goal-keeper Jeremy Cooper unaccounted for in the past two matches, City has had to step up the defensive organization to maintain a level of sanity. In an evening match-up versus old foes Capital Rovers, City demonstrated what it means to be eloquent. The skill displayed was that which Rovers couldn’t purchase if it were possible. Youngster Shai Neal stole the show with incredible positioning and an altruistic style of play, finding ways to be involved across the board on every play. Substitute goal-keeper Brian Grueter led a respectable defense and a clean sheet.

The match ended as soon as it began, the first goal arrived 5 minutes in when Pierre Corneil tapped in a well delivers ball from Shai Neal. The second goal came only moments after from Elvis Hedji – a deflection off the defenders thigh left the goalie in phased by his inability to react to such a defensive error. City struck again when Neal single-handedly took on 3 players and banged the ball to the far left, the keeper had no chance. As though enough action hadn’t happened in 20 minutes, Neal again traumatized the keeper with a classic placement ending the first half at 4-nil. The game would remain so until the final whistle.

As always, thank you for your support.

Cap City Report