Cap City FC Spring 2019

Let the record speak

Simply put, Cap City FC is rocking the WPL in 2019 – at the top of the table, the team has found chemistry like no other. Consistency has been key in their success. Young talent Teshawn Johnson has quickly become a key player on the starting line-up. He demonstrates a masterful control of the ball, controlling the […]

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Narrow lost to Hawks

In their fourth week of WPL action, Capital City FC faced the Aegean Hawks, a match that is always anticipated. The Hawks boast an impressive record, with several WPL Cup wins and U.S amateur titles. A most notable moment when these two teams faced off in a tightly contested match for the title in 2015, […]

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Emmanuel Yamson Celebrates

City Clenches First Fall Win

The W’s have been hard to come by for this team that is in a transitional period and still struggling to field the right combination of young talent with the wise veterans. With goal-keeper Jeremy Cooper unaccounted for in the past two matches, City has had to step up the defensive organization to maintain a […]

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CapCity V Fado F2017

City Sparingly Draws The Defending Champs

It was an ideal night for football, and Capital City showed up in numbers to face the defending champs Fado Irish Pub Conquistadors. Returning to the scene was Benjamin Denhez, who suffered an injury against this exact team two seasons prior. Also coming back anew was Evan Chaté, kendall Herring and Jake Elsey. Fado is […]

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Is it a comeback?

Unable to secure a playoff spot in the Fall of 2016, City revamped the team with lethal newcomers Elvis Amoh and Pierre Corneil, in hopes of capturing another Helge Boes Cup (won in 2015). The season started with a dreadful loss to Dulles Sportsplex Aegean HawksFC (2-0). This set in motion a downward spiral, City […]

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